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Why Choose C.R.I.T.S?


Why Choose C.R.I.T.S?

With a 5 Star rating across multiple platforms. With over 145 clients worldwide our credentials speak for themselves. Come give us a try!


Computer repair


Networking and infrastructure


IT || Information Technology


At C.R.I.T.S. we understand that even the smallest IT glitch can cause significant downtime and the loss of revenue you can’t get back. It’s frustrating enough to deal with the inconvenience of IT issues; you don’t need the added aggravation of slow-to-respond IT support. That’s why the team at C.R.I.T.S. offers 24/7, 7 days a week support and services. One of our technicians will call you back within moments of placing your request.


All of our support specialists are trained in the areas you need the most, so you can rest assured that your issues will be dealt with promptly and professionally.


We have an extensive partner network that allows us to provide the best services at the lowest prices available to our clients.


We go the extra mile. No matter what the request if it is within our power we will do what we can to help you, even if it means involving our competitors. This is how committed we are to providing the best service and taking care of our customers.

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